Numerology Introduction


Jai Shree Krishna friends,

Hope everyone is doing well,

Today I am going to write about the Numbers, their Magic and how they influence our lives. But before that I want to give some small Introduction about Numerology. Don’t worry I am not going to explain in in-depth, I just want to write about some basic and interesting things like what, why, when, where and by whom this Numerology got Introduced. Ok friends now I am not going to waste your precious time let’s get into the details,


Numerology is nothing but the study of numbers, and in occult manner how they reflect in the whole cosmic plan. Simply because numbers are the reliable language system to well understand the Universe.

Who, When and Where?

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and Meta physician of the 6th century B.C., was one of the ‘Father of Numerology’. He gained this knowledge of numbers from Egypt and the Near East. The actual origins of numerology before Pythagoras was, the most popular and very old Hebrew Kabbala.


Numerology is useful to understand more about us and others, with the help of Numerology we can know and improve our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Numerology speaks about our destiny, motivations, strengths, fears, talents, positives and negatives of our characteristics. It also tells about the compatibility between the people.

So I hope now you got the basic information about the Numerology, let’s see how this digits do magic in our life. In Numerology the 1-9 digits plays a key role, all this nine numbers have their own real meaning by their look and design.
In my future postings I will deeply explain about each number and alphabet, and how our name and date of birth plays an amazing role in our life.Until then,

Jai Shree Krishna friends take care.


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