Number 2 Characteristics


Jai Shree Krishna Friends,

In my earlier postings I wrote the basic introduction and information about Numerology. In my previous posting I wrote deep explanation about number 1 people traits in Numerology. These numbers qualities may applicable to Life Path number as well as Expression number (calculate  Life Path number and Expression number) as I said earlier. Here just I am concentrating on in-depth qualities of each digit, in my upcoming postings I will give the explanation about each number how it behave in different situations or you can consider it as, how the same digit act differently when it is in different places in our numerology chart.

Now let’s know the number 2 traits, if your Life Path number is 2 or Expression number is 2 or your Numerology chart is dominated by number 2’s then you can consider these traits. Numerology says number 2 signifies planet MOON and number 2 people is the most feminine when compare to other numbers, they are the excellent peacemakers and familiar with everything, as the number 2 designed. Let see in-depth qualities of these number 2 and MOON significant people.

The well-known

If we look at the shape of the number 2, it recognizes a symbolic representation of the ultimate survivor and an extremely flexible force. The shape, as someone bent on a knee with their head and back bowed in humility and servitude, makes it easy to show the number 2 people as weak and powerless. This is the main difference when compare to the number 1 people. Who are the masculine, power and pride of the mighty, who will not bow for anyone at any price? However, when enough pressure is applied to the powerful warrior we see in the number 1 people, they will break and shatter and be finished with.

On the other hand, if we observe the humble and feminine number 2 people, we find them under attack and burdened with a crushing weight, they will bend; they will bend as much as needed. And when the weight is removed, their elastic, flexible nature allows them to come right back up, seemingly with little harm done, but they will continue to play their role.

The number 2 people’s strength and power is tough and lasting, just as the shape of the number 2 reflects that so beautifully. There is much more about them which are invisible; they are often the true power behind the throne. As we admired to the leadership and decisive actions of the number 1 people, their strength and slyness confidently depends on the clever and insightful advice of the number 2 people, who is their greatest supporters.

Unnoticed and operating from the shadows, the number 2 people are like Mata Hari (Mother of God) who cleverly demolishes the other spies and diplomats with her grace, her sensuality, her flattering attention and her gentle force of persuasion. They are smart and understand the underlying qualities that make people do this or do that. The number 2 people are born psychologist, there is not much about human nature that escapes from them. They often control the outcome of certain events without anyone else noticing or acknowledging.

In fact, the credit quite often goes to some other individual when it should be theirs. This does not bother them, because among their best qualities is patience. They know their time will come. But even if they does not always get the recognition they deserve, they tends to take a special place in the hearts and minds of others due to their sophistication, their grace, their style and their excellent taste in art and music.

The number 2 people have an in-born sense of music and rhythm that makes them popular among any social crowd and it is in the lighthearted arena of play and art that they shine as dancers and conversationalists. Within a social environment, their most important asset is a sense of humor that is witty and self-depreciating, but never slapstick or immature, as they are far too sophisticated for that.

As the most feminine people among all numbers, the number 2 people are also the most underestimated, when it comes to power and strength. After all, they are almost always gentle, tactful, diplomatic, forgiving and understanding. Certainly, they like to keep the peace and will avoid confrontations as much as possible.

If you are in love with the number 2 people then you must know about these things,

If the number 1 people compared to the Greek god Zeus, then his wife and sister Hera would represent the number 2 people. And like Hera, the number 2 people are jealous and unfair when other forces reach for their partner. Because most of the time, they are gentle and loving, but their anger is formidable and another side of them comes out when they feel crossed or mistreated — a side that can be mean and vengeful, cruel and unrelenting. They will destroy their opponent into pieces and never look back in regret or remorse. What is theirs is theirs, and we are well-advised to remember that, as many Greek gods and half-gods found out the hard way.

As a partner, the number 2 people are precious asset. They will defend you at any cost and their loyalty is unshakable. However, they are too emotional and demanding, and expect to be treated like a prince and princess. They are devoted to you, but they also expect you to be devoted to them. At times, they are a true drama queens and kings, and when that happens you may know for sure that you have not paid enough attention lately. They are not particularly materialistic, but if you don’t show up with gifts or flowers every once in a while, they will let you know in no uncertain terms that you are not measuring up. They will throw the occasional tantrum, but if you respond with love and attention they will make it up to you in proper fashion.

In short, the number 2 people are sensual, graceful, loyal partners who can be a bit demanding, but is worth the trouble. And there is another important aspect to the number 2 people. As the most intuitive of all single-digit numbers, they are drawn to the occult (only the double-digit 11 surpasses them in that department). However, the real value of their intuitive proficiency is in the way they interact with others; it is the true basis of their tact and understanding. Like a good politician, which they can certainly be if needed, they often understands the true motivations of others better than they do, and their clarity and their powers of observation often help others to understand themselves better.

On top of their jealousy, their vengeful nature when they feel mistreated and their cruelty when punishing adversaries, the number 2 people can also be critical and verbally abusive. Their ability to show displeasure and feel sorry for our self, their short time bad temper for minor reasons and their extended periods of apathy can make any normal person crazy. On top of that, they are capable of displaying the most illogical reasoning, and a verbal argument can feel like trying to slice water with a knife; nothing we say seems to have any effect. Generally, the best thing to do when a number 2 people behaves like that is to get out of their way for a while — and then reappear with a big bouquet of flowers, and smile like nothing ever happened.

So friends I think, this in-depth explanation about number 2 may help you to understand the people who are dominated with number 2’s in their numerology chart. If you have number 2 in your numerology chart, then it will help you to correct your traits and to be familiar with your strengths and insecurities. I hope you are enjoying the stuff anyhow I am trying my best to make it more interesting.

All right friend’s thanks for your precious time; I will be back with next number with much more interesting stuff in my next posting. Until then Jai Shree Krishna, take care.


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