Number 4 Characteristics


Jai Shree Krishna Friends,

In my earlier posting I wrote the basic introduction and information about Numerology. In my previous posting I gave deep explanation about number 3 people traits in Numerology. These numbers qualities may applicable to Life Path number as well as Expression number (calculate  Life Path number and Expression number). Let see the number 4 characteristics, if your Life Path number is 4 or Expression number is 4 or your Numerology chart is dominated by number 4’s then you can consider these traits. Numerology says number 4 signifies planet URANUS and number 4 people are masculine, they are talented, happy and trustworthy people, as the number 4 designed. Let see in-depth qualities of these number 4 and URANUS significant people.

The honorable element of the earth

If we look at the shape of the number 4, we will see that the hard angles are a proper symbolic representation of these fairly straight-edged (clean habits) workaholics. The number 4 people are not much creative thinkers and artistic creatures, but are too good at working with their hands. Many craftsmen and skilled laborers have the number 4 outstandingly in their numerology charts. The number 4 people are good providers, but at the same time they demand discipline and loyalty, and in some particular cases their discipline is intolerable. They can’t handle chaos they need everything in order and they are prone to panic attacks if the situation looks things are fully not in under control or out of their control.

The number 4 people are surely masculine with a great reflection of strength and stability. Their most important qualities are reliability, efficiency, punctuality and obedience. The number 4 people are most trustworthy people w hen compared to others, their tolerance is awesome but they are too conventional and traditional. The number 4 people are bit boring and not much of social butterflies; they prefer to work in a calm gloom. They work steadily and can be very persistent. Number 4 people find great satisfaction in their accomplishments and favors results, more than any financial reward or public recognition. They are humble personalities, mostly prefer to dress conservatively and easily mingle with their surroundings.

The number 4 people are average in looks, physically healthy and strong, they maintain neat and clean but with ordinary gaze. They don’t like attention on them, but they will fight tooth and nail if someone tries to muscle in on their territory. The number 4 people believe in effort and control, and they are strictly goal-oriented, but their goals are simple and down to earth. Number 4 people are not good at planning the future with imagination or wisdom, but they notice every detail. They are talented and have an excellent memory power. The number 4 people never follow the short cut ways to achieve their goals; in simple words they don’t cut corners. They are the perfect employees, but they don’t tend to do well in social environments.

The number 4 people’s imagination is not well developed, and their views are usually narrow-minded and conventional. The number 4 people are likely to be religious without questioning established principle, they mostly prefer to imitate the belief of their peers, they always feel safe and secure in the predictable, unchanging nature of a tight discipline. More than any other numbers except perhaps the number 7, the number 4 people are most found in the charts of monks, priests and other religious leaders. Many number 4 people also become excellent managers and organizers, and it is very common to find the number 4 people in the higher level of business and government. The number 4 people will work hard and can be driven to reach the top of their profession, but in striving to reach the top they usually finds that their greatest obstacle are themselves, because of their lack of social skills, their inability to relate to the mundane issues of their co-workers and their lack of intuition.

The number 4 people do not like to make impression, but values their moral convictions and will not back down when convinced that they are doing “the right thing.” However, they can also be intolerant and, when they faced with people from other cultures, countries or races, their insecurity can turn them into a cruel dogmatist. Many number 4 people choose a career in the military, where their obedient, disciplined nature is right at home. They especially flourish when they are assigned duties that include administrative and organizational work.

If you are in love with this straight-edged number 4 person then you must take a look at these things,

When comparing with any number, there are some challenging traits within the number 4 people. For instance, they are not particularly social butterflies or fun-loving people, the number 4 people sometimes reveal an entertainingly dry sense of humor. When it’s come to the family, the number 4 people are very strict and disciplined parents, even though they are harsh and restricted parents, the number 4 people are also extremely dedicated and they will walk through fire to get their kids what they need.

The above explanation of the number 4 people is amazingly, almost the exact opposite of the number 3 people. This is to be expected, because every number is, in some important ways, a counterpoint to the one that directly precedes it. The number 2 people are the polar opposite of the number 1 people, the number 3 people displays traits that are directly opposed to those of the number 2 people, and so forth. And of course the differences between the number 5 people and the number 4 people are like night and day!

So this is what all about, the salt of the earth, I mean number 4 people. So I think this stuff will help you to understand more about these number 4 people and the people who dominated by 4’s in their numerology chart. Okay friend’s thanks for your precious time; I will be back with next number, with much more interesting stuff in my next posting. Until then Jai Shree Krishna, take care.


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