Traits of letter “A”

Letter A

The Letter “A” is not only the first and foremost letter of the alphabet but also the first vowel. It is very essential letter because it is the opening letter of the alphabet, from this letter onwards all letters follows. The letter “A” sounds with very strong vibrations, that vibrations make this letter more strong and unique.

The natives who hold this letter as a first vowel in their name, those natives will have a great interest in life. They try to teach themselves in all phases of their life. They treat them like a student throughout their life in all the circumstances. These people will have a very independent nature, it is almost impossible to control these people.

The people with letter “A” in their name are very aggressive but they never hurt anyone intentionally. They mostly set lofty goals for themselves by thinking that they can do anything they wish, because that is their natural talent. These people find a purpose in life and have the oath to complete it. Their inventiveness with the spirit is awesome. They do hold a great energy and drive to achieve whatever they want in their life.

People with an “A” in their name are very courageous, and with their daring and bold nature they will get succeed in everything whatever they believe is finest for their life. They are clever and creative creatures and at the same time they can put their thoughts into action. With two “A’s” in the name, there is even more creative ability.

People with two “A’s” are combined with the capacity to think the problems thoroughly, they are intelligent decision makers. Others are delighted by this creative ability and want to spend most of the time with these creative creatures by thinking that pinch of the creative touch will transfer to them.

People with three or more “A’s” in a name can become great starters but they are poor in finish the task. They should avoid being a selfish, others think that people with more than two “A’s” in their name are expect more care and love from others which they are fail to offer to others, but it is not a fact.

When it comes to negative “A’s”, because of their egoistic nature they can be cynical about everything. They inclined to be dangerous of others because they often think that others cannot accomplish as much as they can achieve. Without hesitation, their temper can be high when they feel their feelings have been hurt purposely.


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