Traits of Letter “F”

Letter F

The Letter “F” stands for love and family. The people with letter “F” in their name, feel harmonious relationships are like heaven. These natives are home loving creatures. They want to be a mother to everyone; this can be the cause for all anxieties.

They are well known by their hospitality and cheerfulness; they mingle with everyone and people are lucky to have them as friends. They are empathetic, supportive and good listeners. They are excellent organizers and are best at planning the future when compare to others.

The people with letter “F” in their name are so warm hearted and help the needy without any expectations. By nature they are generous; they like to do more for others than others are ready to do for them. These natives truly live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. They are loyal to a fault.

They keep high morals and expect same from others; sometimes this can be intimidating when they feel that others are not meeting their expectations. They are admirable and reliable. They lead the life by considering the best of all who walk through into their life, sometimes this shatter their ideals.

When it comes to negatives, some “F’s” are self-righteous, anxious and edgy. They even make those around them anxious too. Their lives are miserable and they want others to know it. If someone they know has done something they think will make a spicy scrap, they are the first to spread it around the neighborhood.


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