Traits of Letter “H”

Letter H

The Letter “H” represents creativity and authority. Well, these two are not easily balanced. The people with letter “H” in their name are desire the authority, which usually leads them to a lonely life, but it’s not an issue for them because they generally prefer this.

Being like an independent as they are, they regularly choose to work alone and they are capable of doing so. They are self motivated creatures and have full control on their actions, these natives believe completely on their efforts.

People with letter “H” in their name are nature lovers; they are in touch with the earth and all its creatures. Even though some of the “H’s” are hunters or fishermen but still they aware of the earth’s gentle balance, and want to preserve it for others to enjoy. These natives are well conscious of the earth when compare to others, they know we need to take care of our planet so that it can take care of us. They do well as an ecologist.

Generally the people with letter “H” in their name are hard to beat, they find victory all most everything they try. In business, they are some of the most successful. They even nick named as unbeatable. The people with “H’s” are have the Midas touch, whatever they touch it turns into gold. They attract money and they are usually sound.

“H’s” are said to have the Midas touch. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold. They attract money and are usually have sufficient money for comfortable living, sometimes success comes too easily for them.

Even though they are willing to help others, they think that others must make it on their own. They rarely help others in money matters since they can able to take care of themselves according to their way of thinking.

When it comes to negative “H’s” they are greedy and possessive, one of these will be mourning to their mate. Selfishly, they want everyone should follow their way of thinking; this can be lead to gloomy moments. They are merciless in business; even those who will admire them, will keep them distance.


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