Traits of Letter “I”

Letter I

The Letter “I” is the third vowel of the alphabet, it may be third but it is very strong letter. It represents law and courage. It does not mean the people with letter “I” are judgmental. It is more a compassionate letter. The “I’s” are warm hearted and loving. They attract everyone to them and they are magnanimous.

The people with letter “I” in their name are look elegant and stylish; they always look luxurious even when they are working in the yard. Others tend to copy their style and perception because of their elegance in clothing and life. When “I” is the first vowel in a name, natives are very artistic, generally the people with “I” is interested in the arts of science. They can do well as an actor or a scientist both will be captivating for them.

People with an “I” in their names are inspirational and love to be surrounded by their loved ones. They bring out the emotional and spiritual side of their loved ones. The “I’s” are selfless, people with three or more “I’s” in their name can be very sensitive and shy individuals, sometimes they can become over emotional.

The people with letter “I” in their name don’t know other way to treat the people except compassion. Kindness for others is their first goal; hence we will usually hear only good things about them.

When it comes to negative “I’s” they lack confidence. They can be hesitant and anxious. They are quick to anger and others try to stay out of their way. Not only do they have a hair trigger temper but their fear will make them back up their actions. They are easily offended and it is hard for a person to stay around a negative “I.”


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