Traits of Letter “J”

Letter J

The Letter “J” represents ambition. The people with letter “J” in their name ready to take any task, if they think that will help them to reach their goals more swiftly. These native’s lives are dominated by ambition and zeal. Need for the progress is so powerful, relaxing is hard for these creatures.

They are honest to the fault; if we want truth then these creatures are the best to choose. Above all else they value the honesty and they never lie. For them lying is the most outrageous crime. Even though they may forgive the people for their lie but they never forget it, this will cause permanent damage to the relationship.

“What you see is what you get,” is their motto. They are reliable, they always fulfill their promises. People with letter “J” in their name believe loyalty is the best quality. For them a friend is always a friend even though they may not see them for years. When they meet, they take up right where they left off.

Being a resourceful, they are able to see the things which others fail to see. With their imagination they are pretty inventive in their personal lives as well as in their chosen careers. These people try to help all who let them, they are caring and loving, with their kind heart they forgive who hurt them but they never allow persons to do it again. Usually they stay away from the crook.

They are quick witted and very clever in conversation, which can make them a center of attraction in the discussion. They like to have people who listen to them. They are very sharp and brilliant, they never left behind but are always try for a new way to complete the tasks.

When it comes to negative “J’s” are not a pleasure to be around. They can be very lazy and boring; they lack goals in their life. Some are intolerable, so no one really measures up to their way of thinking.


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