Traits of Letter “K”

Letter K

The Letter “K” is the eleventh letter of the alphabet and represents edges. People with the letter “K” in their name never be in the center, they go on the scale from one end to other.

These people are very powerful; these people get their point across with their energetic interpretations. Their strong determination leads them to the larger goals. They expect others to perceive the things in their way because they believe their way is right.

Their personality is steady, always available. Because of this, some “K’s” may feel as if they are taken for granted, even though that is not true. When a person with a “K” in their name enters a room, everyone knows it.

They desire to work continuously without a break, they won’t do it for showoff, and they just like to engage them with one or other things. They do get tired and even they sometimes become ill, they still continue to go until they can no longer move. When it happens, they only stay bedridden long enough to get a little bit of energy. Then up and at it again, they go.

They are resourceful and are miscellaneous in whatever they do. Whatever goals they set in their mind they are capable of achieve them, gifted personalities. They usually convince others to see the things in their way. With their influence, they are capable of strong leadership position but they like to have partners that are just as strong as them.

Idealism fits completely into their lives and they expect others to have the same high ideals. Some “K” people even demand it. Authoritative attention wherever they are, they usually receive it from others. Even though they look strong but internally they are very sensitive and emotional. They passionately tell their ideas to those who listen and few moments to those who won’t. Going after goals and things they desire with the same zest they show in all other aspects of life, they can be measured as persistent.

When it comes to negative “K’s” are nervous and hesitant, they afraid of their own shadow, they are miserable. They may even be prone to tell what we consider as small lies. They always dissatisfied with life, they tend to stick to themselves and are even more scared of being alone.


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