Traits of Letter “L”

Letter L

The Letter “L” represents accomplishment. The people with letter “L” in their name are self-starters, motivated and energetic. They are capable to work as a team and individual.

They are always on motion; they lead the life by without even looking at the life, it is like a fairy tale. They are able to live their life completely as they can. They relish the life from all the aspects; they go from one aspect from another, just like a honeybee goes from one flower to another. These natives enjoy life while living it to its fullest.

The people with letter “L” in their name are always generous to a fault; their gentleness in helping others is jealousy by everyone. In today’s world, that can be treated as a fault in ways rather than a good quality. If there is a charity in need, they are the first to help.

Even though they seem to be blindly going through life but still they are in complete control. Being in a charge means lot to them. These creatures will be unhappy when they are not in a charge. They are aware of their ability to execute the things and they even do it well. They are admirable by their subordinates with their honest and fair nature. These qualities mean a lot to the “L” because it is one of the guidelines of their lives.

They are talented individuals and they can shine at anything they decide to do. Usually they are impartial and are ready to pay attention to any new ideas that may come in their way. Because they are so well attuned, they do not feel it is essential to believe their thoughts are the only right way of thinking. This is replicate in the fact that they are willing to use others ideas because they make them as their own.

People with letter “L’s” in their name love to travel and are right at home on the road. They feel bored with staying in one place for long; they will rather do something different.

When it comes to negative “L’s” they are dishonest and unkind. They don’t care for anyone else; they want everything in their way. When their way is not possible, they can go into authoritarian tempers.


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