Traits of Letter “M”

Letter M

The Letter “M” represents spiritual leadership. If we want a courageous friend, a native with letter “M” in their name is the one to have. People with this letter in their name usually are very spiritual, brave and sometimes a bit bold. They are independent even though they love being around others. They feel a need of people often; they search for the places with crowd, but immediately they seem for the pleasure to return back home alone. Family means a lot to the “M” natives.

“M’s” are not usually complainers. They obtain others at face value and decide to enjoy them for how they are, rather than what they would like them to be. In short they accept the people as they are without any expectations. They have a very strong need for material security and they feel uncomfortable without it. These people have no trouble working long hours to gain what they desire in life. We can even say “M’s” are workaholic.

Determined individuals, they like to keep on going when others look for the rest. People even wonder where they get their energy. “M’s” allow long suffering for them; they look like a merciless. They even have a peaceful approach towards life in general and they expect same from others. Usually they are calm and their temper is very low but once they get angry it’s really hard to control them.

When it comes to negative “M’s” some are short tempered and when they get anger they behave recklessly. They are very impatient, nothing is done quickly sufficient or properly. They look unhappy and put a curb on all who are associated with their misfortune.


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