Traits of Letter “O”

Letter O

The Letter “O” is the fourth vowel of the alphabets and it represents inner strength. People with this letter in their name are well read and treasure the books, from which they learn. The love of education in all aspects drives them. These people are usually quite God-fearing and ethical. Religion interests them and sometimes others may consider them as over enthusiastic in their beliefs.

Others tend to think that “O” people are sincere. If we don’t want to know the answer to a question, then we should not ask them. Sometimes we get the answer without asking. When “O” is the first vowel in the name, those people will have a great respect for law and order. They need everything in its place; their approach to life is matter of fact.

With three or more “O’s” in the name and its being the first vowel, they will be considered as closed-minded people. They may be boring; some people even think they are slow. Taking their own time to weigh all the decisions, they can drive others to distraction.

For knowledgeable, “O’s” love a good conversation. Showing off their knowledge in discussion make them feel more a part of the party. Tolerant to the point of confusion for those around them, they weigh all the pros and cons to see which point of view they should apply for themselves.

When it comes to negative “O’s” they should learn to control their emotions. They need to feel sorry for themselves; they wear their heart on their sleeves. They wait to be hurt by those they love. In this insecure mode the negative “O” is unable to produce anything but they hate themselves and feel jealousy.


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