Traits of Letter “N”

Letter N

The Letter “N” represents clever imagination. They are capable to express their heart feelings. Their ideal occupations can be a reporter, writer or record keeper. They love the written word. One of their prime sources of entertainment is a good book. “N’s are immovable in their belief systems. Because they are so stem in their beliefs, everyone desire to look at their philosophies and adapt them as their own.

They are self-opinionated and optimistic in leading their life; they inspire others to follow them. They love to do anything with the sensual, they like to touch everything. Smelling the roses takes on a whole new meaning for them. They Need time to themselves, they love being in nature. They are pleased and like to sit for hours in an outdoors. They are amazing at all the creations; they try to understand everything they see.

They are like spokesperson for the world. Whatever they consider as wrong will comes from their deep-seated emotional and spiritual realization. They are treated as ambassadors because of their capability to view the things. They are able to look at the most painful problems from a neutral point of view; they help to solve the troubles of the world.

These natives are good listener and they try to understand everything told to them. People think “N’s” are the best conversationalist approximately because they silently sit and listen carefully to what others have to say. Always the student, they are gathering information.

When it comes to negative “N’s” they are jealous of others achievements. Not beyond an extra marital affair, when caught they look at their mate with innocent eyes. If their mate was caught in the same position they will not be so tolerant, they even go for the divorce, they simply push their mate out of their lives.


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