Traits of Letter “Q”

Letter Q

The Letter “Q” represents innovation. New ideas are this letter’s forte. The people with letter “Q” in their name always look for new and more efficient ways to apply themselves is their goal in life.

Well-expressed in their ideas and speech patterns, they can become an excellent orators. This quality makes them talented speechwriters. Political speeches will create a problem to them because they are quite outspoken. They Prefer to let their views be known, they are unable to sit back and watch as someone enclose on what they believe important.

They are passionate in their views and they don’t mind putting forward the effort to justify them. Long discussions about what is important in the world are pleasure for them. They are capable of violent behavior, it is best not to get into an argument with a “Q”. Others can never be sure just when their intensity will turn into anger. They need to work to keep their anger in check.

“Q’s” are determined individuals and they use their intensity to get where they want to go. Because they are hard to analyze, they leave those who try to look into their souls, scratching their heads as to who they really are. They are mysterious and they even think that they are deep and puzzled even to themselves at times.

When ii comes to negative “Q’s” they are extremely boring people. They are chatty and are not always up to date on the subject on which they are speaking. Guilt ridden, they cover their errors by trying to look busy even when they don’t.


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