Traits of Letter “R”

Letter R

The Letter “R” represents potential. Everything is possible with these warm-hearted individuals. They are completely unselfish and want to help everyone who let them to help. Their mortal of support to others is a reward unto itself.

Quite loving in nature and wonder why the same love is not returned to them. When it not returned they feel depressed, they tend to clam up. Try to control their feelings, they may appear cold to others. Once a friend, always a friend feels this loyal people. These compassionate, gentle people are very benevolent. With their tender nature, they try to solve the world’s problems and take it upon themselves when they fail to solve. They are the ones who try to help everyone, including animals.

Usually they are even tempered and try to be understanding when others aren’t. Because they are so tolerant, others may feel they are pushovers but that’s not true. They always try to be peaceful, even when hurting on the inside, tolerance is their strong trait.

They are hard workers and can be good laborers; they feel a sense of satisfaction when something built with their hands or minds. They are eager to please; they will start the tasks with genuine enthusiasm which others shy away from. This can lead to bitterness by others.

When it comes to negative “R’s” they lose possessions easily and entirely. Material assets do not mean much to them. Easily get Irritated, they are better left to their own devices but even this is an irritant. They don’t mind being a little misleading if it makes them look better.


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