Traits of Letter “S”

Letter S

The Letter “S” represents inspiration. These attractive people win others over with their charm. Pressure is an aphrodisiac to them. Others adoring on them is the most sensual feeling they can accomplish. Loving anything to do with glamour, they have a desire to be the center of attention.

Fascination with new trends is a hobby for them even if they don’t tend to agree with them. They need to know if others have the same ideas as they do. These are devoted friends; they love to socialize with those who have their ideals. Observant of those close to them, they take as long as they need to get to know a friend. They are reluctant to casually give their love away; they do not expect the same from others. They love being adored.

Being financially sound mean a lot to them. They sometimes settle in a career which they hate only because of the money. They enjoy the things what wealth can bring; they constantly struggle to achieve it. They have the capability to find opportunity where others can’t. Anything new is a challenge to them, they look the situation over from all sides and they want to know how it works.

The people with letter “S” have persistence. If they fail, they just pick up something new and start again. These people never consider themselves as failed. They are innovators, right on the wounding edge.

When it comes to negative “S’s” they act impulsively. They do not reflect on the task at hand but just go after it. This can cause many upsets in their lives. When they are not the center of attention, they tend to complain.


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