Traits of Letter “T”

Letter T

The Letter “T” represents development. Hustle and bustle motivates this letter. People with letter “T” in their name tend to be restless. They want to be busy always; inactive hands are truly the devils work to them. Leadership is one of their better qualities. Loss of control is one of their most panic situations. Being in command brings out enthusiasm for life to them.

They like to see how everything works along with the curiosity; they are full of creative endeavors. They have a true sense of style however take their appearance for granted. Staying neat is a prerequisite for them; they need everything in its place. Anything out of place leads to chaos for them.

These sober people have a strong belief on spiritual side. They try to lead virtuous lives and go out of their way to be what they believe righteous. One might consider “T” people to be some of the most zealous, religious souls in the world. Not easily convinced to change their minds, they stubbornly hold onto their belief systems. They hold their morals high and expect others to do so. When they find someone who fits their moral standards, they hold them in high esteem.

When it comes to negative “T’s” they are over-emotional. Being easily influenced by others opinions; they cannot make decisions for themselves. These people need to learn self-control, not just in thought but also in action.


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