Traits of Letter “U”

Letter U

The Letter “U” is the fifth and last of the true vowels in alphabet, it represents gathering. People with letter “U” in their name are talented enough to do anything they can imagine. Their imagination plays a strong role in their lives. Not only are they intelligent but they have the luck of the Irish. They truly are some of the more fortunate people when it comes to getting what they want in life.

Don’t hurt a “U” people, like the elephant, they never forget. They do not look for revenge but when the circumstances occur, they will not help the person to hurt them. They have very good knowledge about everything they are interested in and some they are not, they can carry a conversation even though they had rather listen and learn.

“U’s” are collectors. They like to keep what they acquire. They are possessive about their loved ones; they always wonder why their loved ones need time away from them. Sometimes they seem to be greedy, they do not like to think of themselves as materialistic people but rather acquisitive, they do not understand why others feel them as selfish.

With letter “U” as the first vowel in a name, the people have a mind that is capable of grasping and understanding ideas. They are the one who can invent ideas and has the persistence to carry them though.

When there are three or more “U’s” in a name, especially when “U” is the first vowel, this natives may be one who is envious and selfish. It is possible that these natives will bear loss from their selfishness.

When it comes to negative “U’s” they may be extravagant. Indecisiveness runs out of control in their lives. Even though they are outspoken, they may not have the first idea of the connotation of their words.


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