Traits of Letter “V”

Letter V

The Letter “V” represents invention. People with this letter in their names are honest and fair. They can become wonderful allies; they are loyal to a fault, what we see is what we get with them. Genuine behavior is their better trait. Conscientiously they go after what they want and never afraid to work hard. They are industrious and also very efficient in their work. Thus their work looks simpler than it is.

“V’s” are quite practical at anything they set their minds to, producing wonderful results. Practicality is a strong point in them. Choosing what they believe is the most practical behavior, to achieve their goals, is their way of working. One step at a time is their motto.

We rarely change a “V’s” mind. They know who they are and refuse to let others opinions control them. Some might call them inflexible. Their strong foundation keep them going when others may give up. They are very sociable with good nature. They love parties, both the giving and attending. Anytime is good for a party in their minds, as sociable as they are, they draw crowds.

They are very sensitive and emotional and are passionate about their feelings. “V’s” imagination can be their worst enemy at times, especially when they care for someone. Greed and jealousy can run extensive in their lives. Negative “V’s” are playful and completely unpredictable.


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