Traits of Letter “X”

Letter X

The Letter “X” represents sensuality, these pleasure lovers’ desire luxuries. They can be self-indulgent because comfort is a need not an entertainment.

They approach to any kind of education and can become most willing scholars. With their eagerness to learn, they will deal with any job. People with an “X” in their name can become good teachers and professors simply because they are always in learning process. Making education thrilling is one of their stronger traits.

Even though they are very intelligent, they can easily lead into tricky situations. If someone says that their thoughts are valid, they tend to believe that person. People with letter “X” in their name need to be careful with loving assets to overindulgence. If they allow themselves, they can become addicted to such things as alcohol or drugs.

Need to keep their intelligence for themselves, so that other things do not divert them, they want to be more goal oriented. Because they are easily sidetracked, they must try hard to stay on goal. These thrill seekers have a hard time living in the mundane world. They desire for excitement with a high degree of sexual energy, they expect others to be as worldly as they are.

They constantly fighting with themselves to be more reliable, they have to work all the time on their personalities. Others love them because of their carefree attitudes but that can become distracting in a working environment. “X’s” are the dare devils of the world. Negative “X’s” are extremely immoral, they are insignificant and gossipy.


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