Traits of Letter “Z”

Letter Z

The Letter “Z” last letter of the alphabet represents hope. People with “Z” letters in their names are innocent and trustworthy. This quality makes them wanted by many as a friend. They seem to do better in life when they have their loved ones around them.

High expectations give them a passion for life and always keep them working to achieve what they want. They truly believe that everything is possible. They are tender with good characteristics; they help those who let them. They are kind to everyone and find themselves very hurt when others do not show the same kindness.

These most understanding creatures are here to help others when needed and they love being needed. Support others with their mundane issues is simple work for the “Z.” With diplomatic ease, they give out advice to those asking.

We can pour our heart to these people without any hesitation because they will never tell to other people. When we tell a secret to these people it will remain as a secret. Others may give compliments to a “Z” people by saying that they are truly level headed and have good common horse sense.

These quick thinking and down to earth people deserve all the compliments they obtain. They work hard to help out others and they are the peacemakers of the world. They well understand others way of thinking and they try to make others to understand themselves.

When it comes to negative “Z’s” they are very impatient people. These hardheaded people should learn to think before they act. They can become cruel, without caring who they hurt.


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