About Me

Jai Shree Krishna,

Hope everyone is doing well,

I am Miss. Anitha Banne from Hyderabad. I am a big follower of “Lord Krishna”, it doesn’t mean I am a religious person but definitely I am a spiritual person. I am a Science graduate and currently pursuing MBA in Technology Management, by profession a Java developer, Content writer, Fashion designer, Astrologer, Numerologist, Face reader and Tarot reader.

In my free time I enjoy net surfing and learning new things. I hate watching TV, I love music and dance. I can speak 7 languages and can able to understand more than 7 languages. I love to develop java applications, content writing and inventing new recipes in my cooking, when I am doing these things I feel like I am in deep mediation, I just forget about my surroundings and people.

I love myself a lot, so I can say I am my best buddy, wherever and with whomever I maybe I never forget to spend some of my precious time with myself. So I can get more creative thoughts to make my life more beautiful and crazy. I love my life and love to update myself with new technologies and to blend with new generation. In short I am a traditional lady with modern outlook.

My favorite book is “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, I read this book number of times and how many times I may read, I never felt bore and whenever I read this book, every time I learn something new from each story and I get some new spirit to lead my life.

The movie I most liked is “Jab We Met”. I watched this movie uncountable times and I remembered each and every dialogue (“Jo kuch insaan real mein chahtha hain, actual mein use wahi milta hai” my most favorite dialogue) of this movie. I love the female lead role’s liveliness, adventurous nature the way she leads her life, and accidentally giving a new life to the male lead role.

My favorite spot is church, whenever I feel alone and sad, I simply go to the church. When I am in “Jesus” presence immediately my sadness converted into happy and jovial form. I forget about my pain and tears and I’ll be back in a cheerful mood within a moment. In my life till now I got more support from “Allah” devotees whenever I needed, so I want to do something for them in my life other than my life ambition.

Recently I became a blogger too, so you can follow me on my blog, as of now I am publishing articles on numerology in my blog, very soon I will come up with more interesting stuff on various topics. I love to express the things in my own words rather than formality. So the readers should feel I am directly talking to them instead of reading.

As of now this is what I am, I always consider myself as a student so I am always in a learning process. I love change “change is the only thing which can’t be changed”. This is one of my favorite quotes, so when I update myself then I will update my new version.

Last but not least,

Don’t forget to spend some of the quality time with yourself in a day, to know more about you. Love yourself and learn to enjoy your own company, make yourself as your most favorite person other than anyone or anything in this whole world. Believe in yourself, carry on faith and be loyal, discover your inner strengths and insecurities which stopping you to move forward and if possible try to find the motive behind your existence.

Be happy, keep smiling and take care about yourself, your family and your near and dear ones. I agree living with the society is important but living with you is more essential than any individual or society.

For my professional Portfolio please visit  anitabanne.wixsite.com/anitabanne

Jai Shree Krishna,

Yours Lovingly,

Miss. Anitha Banne

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